Consulting for the 21st Century

The business landscape continues to change rapidly in the 21st Century, creating constant challenges due to increased customer expectations, new technologies, new types of organisations and a multigenerational, well educated workforce. Successful businesses will be the ones that deal effectively with these rapidly-evolving complex situations; and to do so there needs to be a shift from traditional linear management thinking to a 21st Century systems thinking approach.

This systems approach views the organisation as a whole and involves developing an understanding of the organisation in terms of the relationship between all technical and social variables within the system. Changes in one part - technical or social - will affect other parts, and thus the whole system. Our consulting involves challenging business leaders to see this bigger picture - the interconnectedness of all parts of their business – and to learn how to drive innovation and rapid business change as a result.

We will guide you to gain deep insights into these complex organisational dynamics and create solutions to solve difficult, often entrenched problems. As a result, your business will be transformed into an innovative, agile and collaborative entity, ready to thrive in the 21st Century.


Creating collaborative and agile cultures

We co-create and collaborate with our clients

We work from a systems and process-thinking perspective

We challenge conventional thinking and solve entrenched problems

Interim Management

A number of business scenarios demand high-level, experienced management that can be engaged quickly, efficiently and without long-term obligation. We offer the provision of interim managers with functional skills in the areas of:

Business Transformation
Digital Transformation
Strategic Change

Some typical scenarios in which Interim Management can be a solution:

  • Leading and shaping business transformation programmes
  • Developing a change architecture and implementing change initiatives
  • Providing programme & project management to drive acceleration of growth
  • Leading and advising on digital transformation



An Interim Manager can be sourced and can start work within a very short timeframe


We are seasoned professionals in the assignments we undertake


As independent operators, we provide an honest and objective perspective

Executive Development

We have been designing and delivering Executive Development programmes for more than 20 years. Our facilitation style is highly interactive, experiential and led by live case studies. We are comfortable facilitating both large and small groups in traditional or more experiential learning settings.

We offer high-quality and tailored Executive Development programmes to our clients covering the following core topics:

Leading Knowledge Workers

Leading Business Innovation

Experiential Learning Journeys

Leading Business Change

Leading Digital Transformation

Our programmes can be delivered either in-house at your workplace or you can join us at academic institutions such as:

  • London Business School (UK)
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick (UK)
  • The Singapore Institute of Management (Singapore)
  • Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership (Austria)

Large Group Facilitation - Collaboration Labs

21st Century organisations need to find ways of bringing large numbers of stakeholders together to share views, find common ground and make business plans quicker than ever before.

At Kairos, we provide a comprehensive service to help design and facilitate large group events focused on delivering business change at the strategic and system-wide level.

We will work with you to plan large group events that we can facilitate independently or jointly with internal stakeholders. Typical scenarios that benefit from large group facilitation are:

  • Improving the buy-in of a strategic vision
  • Solving a particular business challenge
  • Educating a large number of people
  • Enhancing collaboration across the organisation
  • Fostering innovation within an organisation