Stefan is a versatile change and agility consultant, an accomplished leadership developer, an experienced facilitator of management meetings, team retreats and large-scale events, a well-read author on management issues, and a creative innovator and entrepreneur.

After completing his studies, Stefan gained his first leadership experience as the director of the Graz Afro-Asian Institute in his native town. In this position he managed a host of activities as well as the culturally diverse clientele of that institution. Afterwards, he went to Chile to set up an IT start-up. After completing the MBA programme at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, he became Deputy Head of the Hernstein Institute, Austria’s leading management development provider. Since then, he has developed an array of management-focused activities, including the foundation of a platform for virtual coaching, (due in English at the beginning of 2017).

Stefan has helped executives and management teams of numerous companies through periods of volatility. His objective is always to gain a thorough understanding of his client’s goals and constraints, and then to help them develop multiple options, always bearing in mind that this process will bring more turns and surprises.

What clients say about Stefan:

  • “Gentle and calm one moment, clear and decisive the next. Very good understanding of our real issues.”
  • “Can be relaxed and funny without ever losing sight of what we have to achieve here.”
  • “Came in and, literally in 15 minutes, resolved a problem which had been haunting us for years.”
  • “Let us reach our own conclusions and solutions, but stepped in every time we tried to veer off the path – which in our case was many times.”